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Anything can happen and it probably will.

Mash (or Mash guru to give it it’s full company name) has been lovingly created and is brought to you by Peter ‘flash of Hendrix’ Mason (guitarist) and Jane ‘i don’t believe she said that’ Birch (performance poet, story teller and writer) and can be found half-way down Back Wall Gate, Macclesfield (in what used to be El Rio)

It’s rumoured the Beatles once played at El Rio, it’s almost accurate, just a little geographically askew, they played at the El Rio which was situated where Aldi now stands, but we’re not averse to a little poetic licence. 

Mash beverages are something a little different too:

The Crafts: Revisionist Lager (with a refreshing hint of citrus), Shipyard Pale Ale and Oyster Stout

The Drafts:  Bitburger (a little German number and Pete’s favourite); Pedigree and Hobgoblin (these can and will change to include guest ales - it's Bah Humbug for Christmas); Thatcher’s Gold (crushed alcoholic apples) 

Then there's the Wines: Quaffable Plonk and Posh Plonk in red, white and rose (small, medium and large) 

The Bottles: Banks - Caribbean LagerMoretti - Italian Birra. Rekordelig in 3 flavours and Crabbies Ginger Beer. There's Red Stripe too, but it comes in a tin for rock n roll purposes.

The top shelf: too multiple to mention, all the usuals (Gordon's, Smirnoff, Bacardi), premium shorts and shots galore... so its sample and see

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